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They Read the Room
In a group chat, our characters learn to understand the dynamics at play. They know when to talk, how to talk, and who to talk to. Showing natural, real-time facial reactions and emotions all the while. We envision multiple orchestrated models to give Yaw’s characters the ability to make choices that surprise users, and to evolve their identity, voice, and style as their relationships deepen.
They Keep the Conversation Exciting
Our model tests edge case character responses on emotional parameters to see if they would result in high engagement, guiding the conversation to interesting areas over time. Yaw’s model is rewarded for creative, emotional, and provocative responses that drive user retention. In contrast to leading LLMs that are rewarded for mere reliability and concision.
They Understand You Better with Time
Yaw’s characters evolve as you get to know them, remembering past conversations and relationships so that they can forge even deeper bonds. Using character archetypes that are refined per user on human feedback and social signals,Yaw makes individual brains distinctive and allows for long term memory, personality, and group roles to guide chat dynamics.
Avatar Brain BackgroundAvatar Brain
Our AI Avatars Are Multimodal
They move, emote, and respond naturally to what you say. Showing they care.
Avatar WalkingAvatar WalkingAvatar WalkingAvatar Walking
A best friend for everyone
Our characters have their own identities, personalities, and style of conversation. We'd love to introduce you to our first four
Avatar Design BackgroundAvatar Walking
The best e-commerce sites convert 3-4% of customers. But in-person stores routinely convert 20%. Why? In part, because good salespeople are effective. We’re bringing world class salespeople to e-commerce. An endearing, funny, self-deprecating friend, who also happens to be a product expert.
B2B Saas Sales
Imagine a great salesperson that could talk to everyone who visits your product page, get them excited, and explain how the product suits their specific needs. All while making a few clever jokes, sharing some fun stories, and showing she cares.
Post-sales Software Implementation
Imagine a calm, composed, kind expert to sit with you while you install the product, upload your data, and start integrating it into your workflow.
Customer Support
Think of a customer support agent you actually enjoy talking to, who gets humor, shows real empathy, and treats you like a person, not a number.